What’s the best way to drink bourbon?

The Proper And Improper Way To Drink Bourbon.

One of America’s claim to fame is the delicious distilled spirit known as Bourbon. It’s an original product that is known for its distinctive taste of distilled corn (at least 51%) in new charred oak barrels. Bottled at 80 proof, the name of the game is aging, starting at three months and can be aged for years. Although Kentucky claims to be the home for bourbon, this stately spirit is made all over the country.

Proper Ways To Drink

* Bourbon Neat – means straight from the bottle at room temperature in a glass with nothing added. Now, you need to know (for all you purest), that some bars will add just a few drops of water to open up the aroma and taste. This does not dilute the spirit in any way but is intended to enhance your experience.

* On The Rocks – those rocks are called ice cubes that will cool down this libation to give you a slightly different taste. The best way to prepare this awesome summertime cooler is to add the cubes to the glass and then gently pour the liquid over the ice. Swirl lightly and sip.


*The Manhattan is a traditional drink that is served in a martini glass. A mixture of our favorite USA whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, this makes for a sophisticated cocktail that you can enjoy as a dinner appetizer or a five o’clock happy hour get together with friends.

*If you know anything about horse racing, then I am sure you are familiar with the famous Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown. Known for a week of partying, big hats, and the icy Mint Julip. With Kentucky’s finest, you add sugar, spearmint, and water often served in a pewter cup. You will always be a winner if you bet on the Mint Julip as a refresher.

* Let’s think about the holidays when Eggnog is a drink of choice. For the adults in the room, blending this alcohol into a rich mix of eggs, cream, and spices especially add to the holidays. Homemade Eggnog is the best, but a premix will do. Just blend and serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on top.

* Spiced Hot Apple Cider is a fallen nature that is great to serve at game time. Heat the cider adding wonderful spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Just before serving, blend in your favorite USA whiskey to add to the team spirit.

Improper Ways

First of all, you may challenge the idea that there is an improper way to imbibe this whiskey, but it depends on your level of devotion. I will state my argument and you can come to your conclusions.

*As a Chaser or Boilermaker – there is a resurgence of craft beers on the market and many of them are awesome. So my position is why mix the two. I think you diminish the quality of both for a quick kick. Savor each one individually instead of gulping them down as fast as you can.

*Beer, Bourbon, BBQ Sauce Cocktail – once again, the flavors are mixed as well as adding diluting ice cubes. The formula may work well with a grill out, but it is a shame to lose the flavor of a good whiskey by mixing with a high flavored cooking sauce and served as a cocktail.

Other Uses

Alcohol has been used forever in cooking to tenderize the meat while marinating it. It is amazing how you can turn a cheap cut of meat into a tender “melt in your mouth” dish using good old American whiskey as a soak. Instead of discarding the marinade, think about simmering it down into a delicious sauce to serve over the meat after it has completed cooking.

Note: Be careful about using alcohol around an open flame. Never pour directly from the bottle but use a measuring cup instead to reduce the chance of fire and burns.

If you are a purest and like your bourbon neat, there are a variety of name brands available that have distinct flavors. Age and added ingredients can make all the difference including the smoky flavor, sweetness, and robustness. Craft distillers are on the rise as the millennials have taken this American whiskey to heart. You may want to take a craft tour or trail to explore what is new and exciting. Try the bourbon neat as your first experience with a new brand to discover its full flavor. Bottoms up! Cheers!

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